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Our Registered Plants


Am I required to pay royalties on all COPF registered plants?

This is the single most-often asked question of COPF staff and there is not always a straightforward Yes or No answer.  We hope the following will provide you with the information you need to make the right decision:


The COPF Registered Plant List includes the following information:

-       Botanical plant name, including genus, species, and variety/cultivar

-       Owner of plant (company or individual)

-       Royalty rate, per plant

-       Legal protection status:

  • PBR protected: Legal protection of plant, royalty payments are mandatory.

  • TM protection: Legal protection of the name of the plant, royalty payment is necessary, especially if you intend to sell the plant with the TM name.

  • No Protection, currently aged plants: Under your membership agreement with COPF, you are required to pay royalties on all plants that are registered in 1999 or later. These plants are highlighted in light blue on the attached Active Plant List. 

  • No Protection, older aged plants: Payment of royalties on all plants registered with COPF in 1998 or earlier, is strictly voluntary and signifies your support of new plant breeding.